Gettin’ stuff done

I know it’s been awhile since the last post, but there hasn’t been much to report on. Leslie and I have enjoyed seeing family and friends, dining at favored old haunts and being back at Grace United Methodist Church in Naperville.

Once we decided on Ajijic, Mexico, as our new home, Leslie put the word out that we were looking for a place to rent, starting the first of November. It paid off in the form of a tip from our friend Anita about a two-bedroom house within budget that has a lot of amenities. It’s new construction in the heart of the village just a block from the shore of Lake Chapala. It’s easy walking distance to one of the weekly markets and many of our favorite restaurants. We should be signing a six-month lease within the week.

The rental agent says trees effectively block a view of the lake from the mirador, and that’s a downside. Also, it’s not in our preferred location, but the photos look great and we’ll be the first residents. The six-month lease gives us the flexibility to try out this spot while we look for something farther west that has a pool and maybe a lake view. If our “dream” location becomes available, we’ll move. If not, we’ll renew the lease and enjoy being in the village.

Leslie had her first cataract surgery Aug. 7. Everything went swimmingly and she’s back to normal activities. Dr. Lafayette will do the left eye Aug. 28, giving her a full two months recovery time before we head south. If all goes as planned, she won’t need contact lenses or glasses (except maybe reading glasses) anymore. She’s excited about that.

Finally, we have an appointment Friday, Aug. 24 to apply for our Residente Permanente Jubilado visas (Permanent Resident Retiree). That begins the process for the Mexican equivalent of a “green card.” We’ve heard good things about El Consulado General de México in Chicago. We’ve got all the required documents and we’re hoping the process will be simple and fast. More on that to come.

That’s all for now. I’ll post another update as needed!

This may be our new home. There are three condos and we like the middle one with the blue facade.

5 thoughts on “Gettin’ stuff done

  1. Awesome news! We are so happy to hear about your latest adventure and we look forward to seeing you both real soon. We are planning our very first visit in September and excited to meet new people! Would love to meet Anita while we are there!


    1. Thanks, guys! You will love our soon-to-be hometown. Sorry we won’t be there yet. Be sure to go by The Lake Chapala Society. See what they offer and meet some of the ex-pats there. If you will be in Ajijic for a month, it might pay to get a one-month membership because some events are for members only. We know you two love pizza, and the best in town is M&J Royal Pizza. I understand they have a new location on the carretera just west of town. Enjoy your first time in Ajijic!


      1. Thanks for the suggestions! We will stop by and hopefully meet some new fun people! 😉


  2. I am from Wheaton/later Naperville I’ll. Have lived in Ajijic Mexico for 26 years. Never been happier.
    Contact me if I can help you in any way when you get here, or now if you simply want to chat
    Hope to see you soon


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