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4 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Mike, trying to share your blog with folks. It is hard to navigate and read (in fact I can’t find any of the posts in the mobile version). Can you add a “recent posts” or categories section to the right hand side?


    1. I appreciate your attempts to share — please keep trying! I will do what I can to fix these issues. I only learned yesterday that the actual page is not as wide as what I see when posting, so sometimes things end up looking different from my intent, and that is frustrating. I’m still a novice at this, so I will try to learn more about this stuff!



    1. Taylor,
      There should be a “follow” button at the bottom of the page when you visit the site. Go to from your personal account and you should find that button. I think you were the first person to sign up! I hope that “follow” option install there. Let me know if this doesn’t work.


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