Tuesday, Feb. 13. Ash Wednesday is tomorrow, but Leslie has already given up her gall bladder for Lent.

The surgery went about as expected. Dr. Bench used a robot to remove her gall bladder laparoscopically. The procedure took about 45 minutes. He said the gall bladder definitely needed to come out, since there were some gallstones still in there waiting to drift out and cause more problems. After she spent a couple of hours in recovery, Stephanie and I brought her home. Full recovery in about two weeks.

In that time, we will work on getting back on track. We should be in Costa Rica by March 10, maybe sooner if everything falls into place.

Thanks for all your prayers. More to come…


3 thoughts on “UPDATE 2

  1. Good for her! Eileen, however, is envious. She had probably the last “old style” gall bladder removals, with about an 12” scar and three days in the hospital! — Jerry



    1. Wow! She’s been without that little pear-shaped organ for a long time. We’re finding LOTS of people who are doing just fine without a gall bladder. I still have mine, but I ditched my appendix back in 1970. Cheers to you both, my friend!


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