2022…and so it begins!

Happy New Year!

The holidays were very good for us here in Mexico. We enjoyed a visit from our daughter, Stephanie, and we had a great Holiday Open House to show off the home renovations and let Stephanie meet some of our friends and neighbors. Ziggy and Marley liked the attention Steph heaped upon them!

Having the Open House also forced us to get the artwork on our walls. Now we can show you the finished product — part of it, at least.

Here’s a short video showing the living room (no sound this time). We are particularly pleased with how the fireplace turned out:

You may remember there was a lot of purple in the living room, especially on the fireplace. We decided to make the fireplace the same color as the walls and add a row of tiles from our local vendor of Talavera style pottery and art. We hope to put more Talavera artwork in the front courtyard and on the patio. Love the colors!

Here’s what our office/TV room looks like now:

And here’s the guest room and guest bath:

There’s more artwork to install. Deciding how to decorate the master bedroom comes next. But with most of our art on the walls, Leslie and I feel much more “at home” now.

What’s next? Landscaping and an improved front courtyard. We know the fountain in front needs to be moved because it’s right in front of the door and a few people have come close to falling because of its location. We’ll be working soon with a landscaper to develop a plan, ensuring that we have blooming plants all year round and a nice herb garden as well.

A few photos below to show our Christmas decorations. And we hope 2022 will be a better year for everybody!

Hasta luego!

The stockings were hung and the tree was trimmed!
A great place for our olive wood Nativity set from Bethlehem.

4 thoughts on “2022…and so it begins!

  1. Everything looks so beautiful! You two look great! Miss your energy and vibrancy at Grace. The boys are 16 now, soon to be 17. Can’t believe how fast time flies!


    1. Hola, Kristine! Thanks for your comment. Wow! So I guess they’re asking to borrow the car now! We miss you guys and everybody at Grace, but we’re very happy here in a place where it rarely gets below 50 degrees at night and is usually warm and sunny during the day. No snow — ever!


  2. Happy New Year Guys! Love seeing your renovations. Everything looks great. I like your fireplace too. BTW, Jack and I have that same nativity set. Did you get it from Mary Eesley? Have a great year.. J&J


    1. Happy New Year, Joyce and Jack! You know, you could come see the fireplace in person one of these days! The guest room is ready. We actually bought the nativity set from a shop in Bethlehem when we were on a tour of the Holy Land many years ago.


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