We are on our way!


Leslie and I left Chicago on the afternoon of Oct. 4. After a smooth flight on Aer Lingus, it’s  now early on Wednesday, Oct. 5 and we are in Dublin waiting on our connection to Glasgow. It’s almost a four-hour layover, so I’m trying to get started on keeping this up to date. They have free wi-fi here, so it’s easy.

Many thanks to our friends who gave us such a great send-off, especially all our friends at Grace United Methodist Church in Naperville. And special thanks to Leslie’s sister Laura and her husband Paul. They made their downtown Chicago condo available for us to stay in during those days we were home-free. Laura gave us a ride to O’Hare. Thanks!


We feel like we have the world in our hands! More updates coming soon!


2 thoughts on “We are on our way!

  1. We have “subscribed” and look forward to reading all about your adventures. Please don’t get locked in any trains sidelined for the weekend! And, if you spot “Nessie” I want an up close, verifiable sighting…none of this shifty, foggy glen stuff. 😜 Travel
    safely and many Blessings, Bill and Linda


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